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Nobody carries cash, but everybody has a phone

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Totally free. No fee to give. No fee to receive.


Works with most modern mobile devices. All you need is email and a debit card.


Built on top of an established peer-to-peer payment service.

Giving with Swiftgive

Scan a Give Code


Enter Amount to Give


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Raising Money with Swiftgive


Find a Fund to Promote

Think of funds like an inbox for tips and donations each with their own give code. Start a new one yourself or find one to promote. A fund can be for a single person or for an entire organization with lots of fundraisers.

Arm yourself with marketing products

Get customizable marketing products specially coded to your fund. Add your logo and text for a personal touch. Help spread the word by giving products to friends, and share your fund on social media to encourage others to promote with you.

Have donors scan your give code

We have products for a variety of strategies. Want face-to-face interaction? Pick up some coded buttons to wear or business cards to hand out. Prefer a more distanced approach? Put up coded stickers and posters, or just mail out some coded post cards.

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The Problem

No one carries cash. Often we want to tip a couple dollars, but we do not have the cash. Likewise when we're fundraising or working for tips we have a hard time getting paid because "I didn't have time to stop by the ATM."

The Solution

Swiftgive is a simple platform that allows you to give and receive money from mobile devices. It is totally free. Whether you're seeking donations or just collecting tips, we provide tools to help you start and manage a fund. Receive money from friends or complete strangers. Others can also join in to promote your fund and solicit donations on your behalf.