About Swiftgive

The Swiftgive Team

We're just a group of nerds who identified a need to create a cash substitute for tips and donations. As more and more of our everyday transactions go digital, there's less of a need to carry around cash in your wallet. On top of that, ATMs generally only distribute $20 bills which may be more than you want to give. Swiftgive offers you freedom and flexibilty compared to cash. This is a service we want for ourselves, and we want to make it available to everybody.

Mobile Fundraising

Swiftgive allows you to give money from a mobile device by scanning unique barcodes we call "give codes".

We provide a solution for you to start and manage any fund whether you're raising donations for charity or just collecting tips for yourself.

After creating your fund you can pick from a variety of customizable marketing products from our partners at Zazzle, getting your give code in front of donors.

Having a car wash for your sports team?


We offer T-shirts that have your give code on the front. Donors can scan from the comfort of their car.

Drive a pedicab?


Stick a large wall decal with your give code on the side of your ride. No more awkward looks from people with empty wallets.

Work as a valet?


Pin a coded button to your company shirt.

Drive a tour bus?


Hand out your coded business cards as passengers depart.

The possibilities are endless

Place a coded sticker on your church collection plate.

Mail out postcards with your give code on it.

Let us know if you want other products that are not available!

Go out and raise some money

Free to give, Free to receive

Swiftgive is built on top of Square Cash, a free peer-to-peer payment gateway. This means you pay nothing to give or receive payments. You pay zero processing fees from Square, and Swiftgive doesn't charge you anything either. All you need is an email and a debit card. If you don't have a debit card you can receive payments directly to a bank account.


Because Square handles all of our transactions, you can rest easy knowing that your sensitive information is in the hands of one of the major payment providers operating in the US. When you send a payment using Swiftgive, Square Cash will automatically contact both the sender and receiver using email. Square will provide you instructions in this email on how to enter payment information. After Square knows your debit card, they will automatically process future payments you send or receive from Swiftgive without needing additional information. For additional security, senders will have the opportunity to confirm or cancel each payment via email.


Swiftgive works on all modern mobile devices. There is no special Swiftgive app you need to download.

Give codes can be recognized by most barcode reading apps free to download from your app store.